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The Winemaker’s Wild Ride

line The Winemaker’s Wild Ride

What do I do to prepare for the work week?

Well, first I do whatever I can on the weekend to decompress from the previous work week. I’m lucky to live near coastal towns, as well as wine-making country; so, my wife and I will usually venture out for a nice lunch and some wine tasting.

Last Saturday, after spending several hours cleaning house, we drove to one of our favorite wine tasting rooms, spent some time wine tasting, and headed over to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. Well, our plan was to have dinner right after the wine tasting, but the winemaker had other plans.

Before we left the tasting room for dinner, the owner of the winery wanted to go for a drive with us in our new car. I drove first, heading down a nearby winding road with little traffic. He was loving the ride, and wanted to drive the car himself, which I was perfectly happy to let him do since he’s a retired race car driver. After driving a few miles down the winding road, I turned around and let F.J. take the wheel, with my wife in the front seat and F.J.’s wife and I in the back seat. I’m glad he’s an experienced driver, and not only knows how to drive on a track, but the nearby local roads as well. He knows this road like the back of his hand, and it showed.

Although, to me and my wife, it seemed like those corners were coming awfully fast, and F.J.’s penchant for ‘straightening out’ the ess curves to go faster had us thinking maybe this wasn’t such a good idea!

Needless to say, we got back to the tasting room almost twice as fast as we had gotten to my turn-around point. F.J. bought us a bottle of wine for allowing him to drive the fancy new car, and we headed off to a great dinner afterwards.

You’d think this type of activity would create stress, and not relieve it, but my wife and I are total gearheads, and we loved it.

The winemaker’s wild ride was truly a great way to prepare for a new work week!