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I Don’t Like Spiders – still

line I Don’t Like Spiders – still

When I was in Kindergarten I was spending a Friday after school with my Dad’s sister and her three kids. We had been playing in the yard and I decided to sit on her porch and just watch my cousins being silly. She sat down next to me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was thinking. This is more or less how the conversation went down.

“Auntie, do you love your children?” my five year old self asked.
“Yes, I love them and you very much”, she replied
“Do you put bugs and spiders in their rooms?” I asked.
“No, why did you ask me that sweetie?”
“Oh because my mom does that to me.”
“Am I in trouble?”
“Oh, no sweetheart. Please tell me about where she puts them”
“They’re in little boxes under my bed, in my closet and under my dresser. She tells me that she will let them out if I am bad and I will have to stay in my room with them” I almost whisper to my aunt, knowing this would at least lead to a spanking if my mom found out.
“Thank you for sharing this with me honey, why don’t you go play with your cousins while I fix a snack.”
“Okay…but please don’t tell my mommy”
“Don’t worry honey I won’t tell your mommy”

I left the porch to go play ‘freeze tag’ with my cousins as my aunt went inside and called my dad. She told him that it might be my imagination getting the best of me, but that he had better check my room for bugs.

He did check, and what he found was troubling; there were poisonous spiders and a variety of scary looking bugs in matchboxes throughout my room including in some of my clothing drawers.

My room was emptied of all the creepy crawlies, and they were waiting on the dining room table when my mom came back from her adventure. My dad told her to pack her shit, including all of her critters and to not set foot in his house again. They had divorced when I was a baby and my dad had custody. I stayed at my aunt’s until she was gone and my room had been put back together.

Not surprisingly, I still don’t like spiders to this day.