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Get Over It


I don’t think my sister actually thinks about her actions and how it affects others. I think she pretty much lives one knee-jerk reaction to the next and it makes for interesting social media.

I also believe the fairy tale she wants you to think her life is, is truly made up in her head. She gushes one day about how wonderful and perfect her husband and their life is, but she is always so unhappy when I see her.

They are always buying this or that, but when you ask them to come for a visit or be part of a celebration they are always broke.

She always plans family gatherings with less than 5 days notice and then is pissed when you don’t just automatically show up. We live in different states.

She also likes to have all attention focused on her, which is why I got my ass handed to me when I made a social media post about our mom. The focus wasn’t me or my sister, it was our mom; and wow did fireworks happen.

I’m still stinging over her “love” but that is okay, I will be more neutral in my dealings with her since I am not family to her anyway.

She’d just tell me to get over it because she is; so I will,┬ábut our relationship will be forever changed.get over it