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Friendship does not mean being totally honest

line Friendship does not mean being totally honest

Friendship does not mean being totally honest and truthful to each other. The struggle for me is the relationship should be a safe place to be truthful. So what do you do when your friend does not look good in the outfit they choose, is making bad choices in life, becomes irritating to be with, etc. How do you decide when being honest is the right thing to do even if it hurts the feelings of your friend or possibly ends the friendship?

I most of the time take that person “with a grain of salt”, but that gets old after awhile. I don’t like to have to work that hard to overlook those personality traits to maintain a friendship. I usually end up staying away from that person more and more, until I only see them once in awhile on a casual basis. By that time they have become a casual acquaintance.

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