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Blackbirds Are NOT to be Hunted

line Blackbirds Are NOT to be Hunted

My pappy gave me my first used bb pump action rifle when I was 5 years old. My dad helped me break it down and clean it; that was the only way he would buy me some bbs for it. We went out target shooting so that I could learn how the gun worked and about gun safety.

The next day I learned that in our home we only kill what we intend to eat, a valuable lesson in wildlife preservation. I was in our backyard with my bb gun practicing when I took aim, and  shot and killed a blackbird. My dad’s dog retrieved it and took it to my daddy – so, basically our hunting dog ratted me out. Dad asked me about why I shot the black bird and I said I was practicing with my bb gun.

He took my gun away and then sat me down with a paper bag and the dead bird and told me that I was having blackbird for dinner. He made me clean that bird, and I was so sorry that I had killed that little bird that he didn’t make me eat it. I also learned that we don’t shoot any bird or other animal that we don’t intend to eat.

After that, I had to keep my gun locked up with the rest of the hunting guns that belonged to my dad. I could only take it out if we were going target shooting or hunting. That was the year I shot my first dove and my first quail.

When I started Kindergarten is when I learned that little girls don’t typically hunt and fish. I did, and so did most of my girl cousins.