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The Coward’s Way Out

The Coward’s Way Out

I moved with my boyfriend into our first and only apartment together; we blended our things and then he changed jobs. I was working split days (so only one day off at a time) and he worked graveyard. It wasn’t easy but I thought it was doable.

This was the first time I had lived with a boyfriend, and it was his first adventure out of his parents’ home. He was 20 and I was 19 at the time. I had already been out of my parents home for over a year at this point.

We had lived together for almost a month when I came home from work and noticed the T.V. was gone, yet the boyfriend’s socks and underwear from the night before were still in front of the space. My first thought was “There’s been a robbery!” I was preparing to call the police and make a report but wanted to have all my information correct. So I retraced my steps; the door and lock were fine, so I investigated further and found that only his stuff was missing – but not all of it. He had left two really large bookcases and of course the socks and underwear.

I started the search for him – this was before cell phones. I called his parents home and was informed by his dad that his idiot son did move back home and yes, he did tell him to call me. He was sorry that his son had done this.

Then the new ex’s best bruh called and wanted to know when I was working next, so that they could pick up the bookcases. I told him that the locks were being changed, and the phone number was next. The retrieval of the bookcases would have to wait until the ex paid me for his share of the deposit, the phone and the new lock; and of course it would have to happen when I was off work.

No, there wasn’t a break in, just a coward dumping the girl that was supposed to have been his dream girl. All because he couldn’t be bothered to pick up his underwear and socks, or his junk food wrappers.

If you are wondering, he did pay me and get his bookcases but the socks and underwear were vacated that day to a nearby dumpster.

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Get Over It

I don’t think my sister actually thinks about her actions and how it affects others. I think she pretty much lives one knee-jerk reaction to the next and it makes for interesting social media.

I also believe the fairy tale she wants you to think her life is, is truly made up in her head. She gushes one day about how wonderful and perfect her husband and their life is, but she is always so unhappy when I see her.

They are always buying this or that, but when you ask them to come for a visit or be part of a celebration they are always broke.

She always plans family gatherings with less than 5 days notice and then is pissed when you don’t just automatically show up. We live in different states.

She also likes to have all attention focused on her, which is why I got my ass handed to me when I made a social media post about our mom. The focus wasn’t me or my sister, it was our mom; and wow did fireworks happen.

I’m still stinging over her “love” but that is okay, I will be more neutral in my dealings with her since I am not family to her anyway.

She’d just tell me to get over it because she is; so I will, but our relationship will be forever changed.get over it

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To Vote Or Not To Vote

to vote or not to vote
To vote or not to vote that is the question. Many are not happy with the choices at hand, I understand this; but I do plan on voting.

The conservative choice is a fear mongering, misogynistic, tax evading, faux billionaire. He doesn’t know the Constitution, the responsibilities of the office and its limitations. He spews vitriol and hatred, and has people saluting him as though he were Hitler. What is amazing to me is that those that are his supporters do not see the forest for the trees, what he is doing is exactly what Hitler did and what we fought against during World War II.

The democratic choice is willing to listen to her constituent base, she is willing to review new information and work from there. She isn’t as progressive as Senator Sanders is, but she adopted 80% of his platform and made it hers. She is hardworking and she wants only to build on the legacy of President Obama and the work that has been started. Yes, she has changed her position on marriage equality, and on higher education after she was given more information. She has spent her life working on issues for the betterment of her constituents. She will preserve women’s rights and work toward equality for all. She wants to move forward with the work started by President Obama.

Every false indictment against Secretary Clinton was proven to be just that, her family charity has one of the highest approval ratings with over 80% of the proceeds going back out into the communities they are helping, and she has proven that she will press on even when not feeling 100%. She is the real deal and is ready for the office of President.

She knows first hand the responsibilities and limitations of the office, she also knows how to negotiate and work with those who might not be her biggest fans.

The choice is yours, if you want to see all the work that has been done go to the wayside, the middle class shrink even further, be in another war and the 1% become more wealthy, then vote for the conservative choice.

If you want to see more progress in a livable direction where we all stand a chance to prosper, then vote for the democrat.

Unfortunately, voting third party will just put the con man in the office.

The Coward’s Way Out

I moved with my boyfriend into our first and only apartment together; we blended our...
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Get Over It

I don’t think my sister actually thinks about her actions and how it affects...
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To Vote Or Not To Vote

To vote or not to vote that is the question. Many are not happy with the choices at...
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